I'm A Woman & I Don't Shave. Here's Why

Written by Erin Volentine

I can still remember the first time I shaved my legs. I watched my mom and older sister shaving for years and couldn't wait to join the club. In the fourth grade I secretly shaved a small area on my leg, enough to get the feel of it but not so much that my parents would notice.

Then one of my best friends started shaving so I asked my mom if I could, too. Much to my surprise, she said yes. I had arrived! And then, not long after I started shaving, I was tired of it. At that point I thought I couldn't quit. After all, smooth legs is a requirement for being a normal, attractive female, right? Girls with body hair were, well ... weird!

It took me years, but I did eventually come to see that it's actually the people who spend countless cumulative hours shaving, only for the hair to grow back almost immediately, who are the "weird" ones.

Here are the top 10 reasons I decided to quit after years of shaving torture!

1. It's such a chore!

Do you know anyone who actually likes shaving? Me either!

2. There's no point.

Really, can you think of any reason to shave other than the fact that other people will think you're weird or gross if you don't? Do you shave because you don't want to be prickly? Those prickly hairs turn nice and soft after a couple weeks ... try waiting it out.

3. I have so much more to do with my time.

Did you know that the average woman spends 72 days of her lifetime shaving? That's enough time to sail around the world! I'm a busy girl and I like to spend my time on things I enjoy doing.

4. It's not natural.

If we weren't supposed to have hair on our bodies, why is it there?

5. It's wasteful.

How many disposable razors have you thrown away in your lifetime? If you're like I was, it's too many to count. We're also wasting whatever shaving products we use and the packaging they come in, not to mention the extra water it takes in the shower.

6. I want to help change society's idea of beauty.

Our society gives us the message that women are only beautiful with smooth, hairless bodies. Why is body hair attractive on a man, but not a woman? Let's change the conversation! We're part of society and have the power to change it!

7. I no longer care if I'm "weird."

We're all different, why not celebrate our uniqueness?

8. It hurts.

Razor burns, irritation, nicks. No thank you!

9. It's expensive.

Razors, shaving cream, waxing, moisturizer for your dry skin post-shave. For life!

10. It just makes sense.

After thinking about it for years, I came to the crossroads of logic and “normalcy.” I had to face the fact that the only reason I was shaving was because I thought I had to, but I don't and neither do you.

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