10 Things You Need To Know Today (July 28)

1. The world's appetite for organic products is stronger than ever.

The United States is the leader when it comes to consumption, but can you guess which country comes in at number two? (Forbes)

2. We might be looking at fear and anxiety all wrong.

Well, at least one neuroscientist thinks so. (Science of Us)

3. You're not too heavy to exercise!

A 560-lb man is riding his bike across country to lose weight and inspire others. (Newport Daily News)

4. A yoga mat from the future is here.

It's got LED lights, tracking, and more. (Ozy)

5. Under Armour launches ad campaign for new sports bra.

Lindsey Vonn, Misty Copeland, Brianna Cope, and Gisele are all part of it. (Racked)

6. Planet Fitne$$ is going public.

Planet Fitness is raising up to $216 million in their IPO. (MarketWatch)

7. Sneakers can bring joy to those who really need it.

These Nike shoes are designed specifically for disabled children. (FastCoExist)

8. Poverty might be damaging the brains of children.

22% of children in America live in poverty which makes this study even more frightening. (Science Daily)

9. The biggest pet peeves of 12 successful people ...

Oprah hates when people chew gum, and Mark Cuban won't accept laziness. (Inc)

10. One of the best DJs in the world is stone-cold sober.

“I don’t party at all! I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I’m a bit of a freak that way because I’m completely different from what you would think. Look, you can’t put all electronic musicians or DJs or whatever you want to call us in one pot. A lot of these guys live in the night and party, but with me, I’m married and have three children. I have a life outside of this.” - Kaskade, the "straight edge DJ who is taking over the world" (The Daily Beast)

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