How Elderly Dogs Are Finding Homes + Other Awesome News This Week

1. The Mr. Mo Project finds homes for elderly dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. Meet Macy, who brought this dog-lover out of chronic depression.

The Mr. Mo Project places senior dogs who would otherwise be put down with "foster parents," who care for the dog till the end of its life. MMP pays all the medical bills and care costs, so money isn't an obstacle to for anyone. The only criteria is love. Aww.

2. This badass woman fought off an alligator to save her dog.

Reinforcing everyone's stereotypes about what Florida is really like, an alligator on a golf course attacked this woman's dog. Rather than stand back and watch it happen, she grabbed the alligator and wrestled him off her captured canine. If she didn't have a pup already, she'd be a great candidate for a dog from Mr. Mo.

3. This 35-year-old mom with terminal cancer has written her daughter a lifetime of letters.

Having just finished treatment for breast cancer, Heather McManamy got the worst possible news: It had metastasized and spread throughout her body. Unsure of how much time she had left, McManamy created a box of memories for her daughter, complete with a letter for every milestone she could think of: first day of school, wedding day — even her first beer. It won't be the same as having her mom around, but Heather has made sure her four year-old daughter, Brianna, feels her presence her whole life.

4. Google finally realized you hate full-page ads, pulled them entirely.

Don't you love it when big business actually pays attention to what you want? Okay, to be fair, they did this because it's in their best interest, but it's nice when those things coincide. Google found out that the average user will actually just click out of a window, rather than wait for an interstitial ad to disappear. Translation: were losing eyes, rather than actually getting their message across. So, now you can google free of full-page annoyance. Whether other sites will follow remains to be seen.

5. Kit Harington was spotted in Belfast, reigniting hope that he’ll be back for season 6 of GoT.

Yes, Snowgate continues. Though most of us are under the impression that somehow, some way Jon Snow will be back for the next season of Game of Thrones, our suspicions remain unconfirmed, forcing us to collect evidence like less skilled, television-obsessed Sherlock Holmeses. Unless Harington is just visiting his old pals on set, though, this lends some serious weight to the believers' side.

6. Two kids in isolation with leukemia become best friends.

Stuck on an isolation floor of a pediatric hospital in Massachusetts, Shannon Curley and Zach Hare bonded. When they couldn't see each other after immunity-ruining bone marrow transplants, they would knock on the walls between them and talk via social media. Both two years in remission, they still hang out and stay in touch all the time. Talk about finding the silver lining.

7. Straight magazine in Germany mocks German leader Angela Merkel’s opposition to same-sex marriage with this viral video.

Though she's said she supports equality (in terms of tax breaks and benefits), Merkel has ruled out same-sex marriage in the country. Hoping to provoke a change of perspective (and get tongues wagging — no pun intended), Straight produced this video, in which a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Merkel gets kissed by a woman. The video's been viewed over 1.5 million times, but Merkel's administration, while they've acknowledged the ad, refuse to comment.

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