What You Need To Know In Wellness Today (July 24)

Quote of the day

"Our drink is created in a tree. Different specialty waters are all being manipulated and created in a chemistry beverage lab. This is coming straight from nature." - Drink Maple co-founder Kate Weiler, talks to AdWeek about the power of maple water.

In non dad-bod news ...

Fifty-year-old Bollywood actor completes Ironman triathlon. (HuffPo India)

Bulletproof gets big bucks $!

Our friend Dave Asprey raises $9 million from investors to bring Bulletproof coffee and his new FatWater to the masses. (TechCrunch)

A new diet?

Guy eats Chipotle for 153 days in a row and is ripped. (Business Insider)

Are you kidding me?

Is juicing marijuana the next green drink? I don't think so. (FoxNews)

In the grocery aisle ...

Is Maple Water the next big thing? (AdWeek)

Hollywood premier

Today, Wanderlust opened a 10,000-square-foot yoga center which has a cafe from celebrity chef Seamus Mullen. (LA Times)

Tsunami aftermath

Alaska is still cleaning up trash from the tsunami that hit Japan four years ago. (Fast Company)

In celebrity wellness ...

Rebel Wilson takes the no-sugar challenge. (E!)

I love science!

Walking in nature is good for your brain! (NYT)

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