What You Need To Know In Wellness Today (July 23)

Quote of the day

"It changes the mindset of people when they know where food comes from. Pretty soon they'll have tomato plants and be turning the chicken manure into compost." - Jenn Tompkins, Rental Chicken Entrepreneur (Yes, you read that right!)

CrossFit kids?!

The CrossFit games are underway, and there's a 14-year-old girl competing! (USA Today)

I'll have a beer with those yoga pants

Yes, Lululemon is getting into the beer business. (CBC)

In the grocery aisle ...

Is your grass-fed beef for real? Here's how you can tell. (Bay Area Bites)

Are you kidding me?!

Scientists are working on a pill to make gluten more tolerable to those with sensitivities or intolerances. Here's an idea: Don't eat gluten if it makes you feel terrible. (Eater)

Farm to table takes it up a notch

Ready for farm-fresh eggs? A couple in Pennsylvania has started a business renting chickens to aspiring urban farmers. (Yahoo!)

Politics for good!

Mayors from around the world pledge to fight climate change. (NYT)

In celebrity wellness ...

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's growing GOOP empire. (racked)

I love science!

Can mindfulness make people more compassionate? (The Atlantic)

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