4 Pro Tips To Make Meditation Easy

4 Pro Tips To Make Meditation Easy Hero Image

Editor's Note: Meditation teacher, author and mindbodygreen contributor Light Watkins, attended this year's revitalize event where he taught us a few meditation sessions and shared his secrets for making the practice more accessible. In the video below, you'll find some of his best (and easiest!) tips to help make meditation part of your daily wellness routine.

If your meditations leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, you may be working too hard to find inner peace. Yes, there is such a thing as trying too hard to meditate.

When a simple practice like meditation becomes associated with hard work, it naturally falls into the dreaded “chore” category — which means you’ll resist doing it until you absolutely have no choice.

Instead, we want meditation to be in the “rest” category, along with sleeping and taking energy-replenishing power naps. And we all know that everyone loves a good nap after a long, trying day.

Getting meditation into the rest category will allow you to feel the benefits a lot easier. And as a result, you’ll look forward to meditating again the next day. But without consistency, you won’t reap the benefits (better sleep, less stress, etc.) as easily, and this may further erode your commitment to a daily practice.

Here is a short video with my four incredibly simple hacks for making your meditations feel super easy and sustainable:

Video by revitalize2015