8 Things You Need To Know Today (July 20)

1. On the heels of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage in the U.S., Ireland has passed a law that allows trans people to change their legal gender without medical or state intervention. Let freedom ring around the world! (The Guardian)

2. Okay, ick. We love kale, but not so much this new study that found the leafy green vegetable could be dangerous if you eat too much of it. The culprit? Heavy metals. Everything in moderation! (The Huffington Post)

3. Because of an Avian flu outbreak that hit the midwest in December, egg prices have surged around the country. That morning omelet has never tasted so good. (CNN Money)

4. A "bikini body" is a body with a bikini on it. That's why we love the new campaign #dropthetowel from Wear Your Voice, a body-positive magazine that wanted to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to show off their bikini bodies. (mindbodygreen)

5. On Monday, IBM announced that it will launch a service where traveling employees who are moms can have their breast milk shipped home for free. We love that this is now an option for mamas and babies who need it. (New York Daily News)

6. After a press release from The Royal Astronomic Society circulated last week claiming that we're heading for a "mini-ice age" in as little as 15 years, climate scientists are disagreeing. (The Washington Post)

7. Recipe for the best Monday morning ever: Watch this baby's adorable reaction to seeing the world—and her parents—clearly through glasses for the first time. (ABC News)

8. After a recent Vogue article led to a petition protesting the notion that Cara Delevigne's sexuality was just a phase, the supermodel and now actress starring in Paper Towns said that it, indeed, is not. (The New York Times)

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