The Ultimate Workout To Tone Your Arms

Written by Reggie Chambers

Boxing is killer workout on so many levels. It strengthens and tones your arms while building endurance. It’s also a good form of cardio for weight loss and for strengthening your core. The sport can increase bone density, which is often a health concern for women. The best part? You don’t need a boxing bag or gloves to get in the ring, the same exercises can be done with weights, 3-8 pounds, depending on what you find challenging.

Before you get started with these moves, you should warm up. Run in place, jump rope for a few minutes or do another form of cardio that will get your heart rate up.

Now you’re ready to start boxing. Put your feet into place first. If you are right-handed, put your left foot out in front and the right foot back. If left-handed, put your right foot out in front of you and your left foot back.

1. Upper cuts

Both arms should be bent at the elbow, a shoulder's width apart. Flex both arms and alternate upward punches in a staccato motion for 20 repetitions, alternating arms. This will help to strengthen your biceps. You should always engage your core as you punch.

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2. Jab-and-cross combo

A jab is a quick, direct punch with straight arms. When you return your arm back towards your body, keep your fist facing toward your cheek. This will help you get into the practice of protecting your face.

For a cross punch, you’ll pivot your body a bit to deliver more power. This combination of moves strengthens your triceps and shoulders. Perform 15 repetitions, alternating arms.

3. Hooks

Instead of punching straight, as you would with a jab, make an arc with each arm and hit from the side as you pivot your legs. Perform 20 repetitions each side. This is an excellent exercise for your oblique muscles, it also helps to build biceps and tone shoulders.

Once you have these basic moves down, you can mix up the workout with combinations like this:

Left jab/Right cross/Left hook/Right cross

Left uppercut/Right uppercut/Left hook/Right hook

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