This Hilarious Pirate Song Is A Win For Feminism

These pirates would say "yo ho," but they don't say "ho." Why? "Because 'ho' is disrespectful, yo."

Comedians Key & Peele imagine a world where masculinity means not being sexist. In their show's Season 5 premiere, pirates trade in their aggressively alpha-male archetype for sexual consent and feminism.

In the very first verse, Peele chants:

The track goes on to support women's reproductive rights, too. A pirate impregnated his girlfriend and was excited about sailing the seas with his heir, but, he sings, "She was no fool. She was working her way through school. So, I did support when she chose to abort, because it's her body and therefore her choice."

It's a must-watch, because, well this is likely the only time you'll ever hear pirates chant about how word choice can lead to body dysmorphia.

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