How To Experience The Wild Feminine, Your Key To Creativity

Summer brings with it a sense of abundance. And with that abundance comes a number of ways to connect to the wild feminine through nature itself.

Getting outdoors invites us to connect with our inner untamed energy. Try one or all five of these outdoor practices to enjoy a visceral experience of your wild feminine this summer!

1. Take a Moonbath.

Sister to the popular Sunbath, bathing in the moonlight can be a deeply soothing and soul nourishing experience. The Moon, often associated with the divine eminine, pulls the fluids in the body, our inner waters. Dr. Christiane Northrup, for instance, writes extensively about the relationship of the menstrual cycle and the moon cycle in her wellness classic, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

On a clear night, grab a sheet, find a sweet spot outside and lay in the moonlight. Soften into the earth, soak in the cool light on your skin and feel the moon pull the waters of the body.

2. Have a girlfriend adventure.

Summer is ripe with the spirit of adventure. There are so many soulful activities you can join in with your friends. So gather your closest girlfriends, pack a bag and hit the road.

Being in the presence of women you love who see you, get you, support you and empower you gives a direct pathway to the compassionate heart of the divine feminine.

3. Press your soles against the Earth.

Commonly referred to as "earthing," the act of placing the soles of your bare feet against the earth is a simple but powerful practice. The indigenous people of the Andes, worship Pachamama, the benevolent goddess who is embodied in nature itself. They believe her to be mother of earth and time.

By placing your consciously touching the earth, we create intimacy and connection with this mother earth.You can make an effort to do this consistently, or choose to walk barefoot every now and again as a discrete but conscious practice. Either way, you can mindfully tap into the power of mother earth as you feel her against your feet!

4. Create intimacy with plant life.

A large part of the wisdom of the wild feminine is the remembrance of the interconnected relationship of all things. Nowhere is there a more obvious symbiotic relationship than in the bond of humans and plants. We inhale oxygen from the leaves and they drink in carbon dioxide from out exhales.

Go for a walk, be very aware of the plants around you, and consciously inhale and exhale. Feel the mutual respect and nourishment shared between you and the plants.

5. Dance wildly, without agenda.

Dancing without steps, moving without thinking, following the impulses of the body, allows the flowing nature the wild feminine to pulse through you.

Make a playlist, go outside and blast it. Focus on feeling the movement from the inside vs. seeing yourself from the outside. Let go, laugh, sweat and be free.

The revolutionary dancer and choreographer, Isadora Duncan, famously said, “You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”

Free yourself this summer and experience the power and beauty of the wild feminine within.

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