5 Hard Truths To Accept Before You Can Make More Money

Written by Alison Elissa Cardy

Do you want to make more money? Most of us do. And most of us probably also think that if we could just bring in a little extra in the earnings column, everything in our lives would be a whole lot better.

Sure, to some extent, more money means more comfort or security or stability.

The peace you seek comes from within.

But especially if you are looking to manifest more money in your life, it's important to get pragmatic about the realities of what life changes might be in store.

Let's start here: Are you aware of these other truths about how you, and your life, will change when you begin to earn more money?

1. You’re going to have to ask for it.

A higher paycheck won’t just fall into your lap. If you want something in life you have to ask for it. A larger paycheck is no different. So during your next job offer, performance review, or sales call with a client, take the uncomfortable step and ask for more money. And back up your request with hard work. Show your organization or clients that you can deliver a superior result to them.

2. Expectations and responsibilities will also increase.

Now that you’ve asked for more money and your company or clients have agreed, there will be higher expectations of your performance. (Hey, you have to show that the influx in your income was worthwhile!)

Or, you could be asked to manage others, which is an entirely new set of responsibilities. Be truthful when asking yourself "Am I ready to meet these extra obligations?"

3. You often need to spend more to make more.

You guessed it: because making more money often means more time at the office, you may have less time at home.

In order to get routine tasks done, like grocery shopping and house cleaning, you may have to consider outsourcing these tasks for an added cost (or wear the same pair of socks for the second week in a row). Taking on greater job responsibilities could come in conjunction with more training or education, which you may need to foot the bill for. And if you’re running a growing business, you’ll need to delegate more of your work to others (a cost) in order to have the bandwidth to take on more work and earn more money.

4. Earning more feels great, and then you’ll get used to it and set a new goal.

Think back to a time when you were first starting out, maybe just after college or in a new business venture. You probably had to scrimp on things like daily lattes or weekly yoga classes to make sure the rent was paid and you had something to eat. You thought, "If I could only make a little more money, I’d be set."

Over time, you began to earn more money and the extra cash for coffeehouse visits and workout sessions quickly became "just a bit more money" for weekend travels and a larger home. Sound familiar?

Well, it’s healthy to readjust goals and challenge yourself to new heights. Just don’t fall for the "I’ll be happy when ..." trap that is perpetually waiting on the other side of these goals. Enjoy the journey, too.

5. Making more money won’t fix you.

As I alluded to earlier, the peace, security, and happiness you assume will come with a larger paycheck actually comes from other sources. The way you feel about yourself, the routines of your daily life, the meaning you find in your work and the quality of your relationships are what really affect your day to day well-being.

In other words, no amount of money in your bank account or expenditure on a fancy vacation will ever "fix" you or send you into a state of perpetual happiness. Period. The peace you seek comes from within. When we tap into the feeling of what is "enough" from the inside, we have enough. It's simple.

That said, these realities aren’t meant to deter you from going for money. They’re here to serve as a clear picture of the other side of earning more money.

Many people think that once they just have more income coming in, all will be well and good in their life. Appreciate what you already have in your life now, and trust yourself. From there, prepare yourself for the added responsibilities more money can bring ... and then go out there and get it!

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