This YouTuber Has The Perfect Response To Bikini-Body Shamers

Written by Emi Boscamp

A "bikini body" is a body with a bikini on it. Anyone with an alternate definition is, to put it simply, wrong.

Loey Lane, a beauty and plus-size fashion vlogger, has this response to those who think she's "too fat" to wear a bikini:

In the video, called "Why Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Bikinis," she lists all the negative comments she's gotten about her body and what she chooses to wear on it. Here are some examples:

  1. "Bikinis don't look good on bigger girls."
  2. "It makes people uncomfortable."
  3. She is "promoting obesity."
  4. She is "asking for feedback."

The common denominator to these criticisms is that they're not about her at all. They're about the viewers: how they see her, how they feel, and how they justify those feelings.

She drops some serious wisdom:

Why is it that someone else can dictate that you are not allowed to put something on your body? ... I didn't realize that there was a meeting and all of the people who are allowed to come in and decide what was attractive and what was not are now commenters on YouTube.


(h/t Cosmopolitan)

Screenshot via LoeyLane/YouTube

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