A Quick Breathing Exercise To Tune Out Stress At Work

Written by Anthony Schneck

Work will always be a source of stress. It's unavoidable. The trick, then, is finding ways to deal with it so that it doesn't overwhelm you and turn you into an unhealthy, frazzled mess.

Dr. Robin Berzin is a functional medicine practitioner who knows what a devastating effect stress can have on your entire system. Since most people spend a good deal of their time at work, it becomes essential to manage those inevitable stressors as they arise.

In the video below, Dr. Berzin shares a simple exercise you can do at your desk when you feel like you want to scream. Check it out, and for more tips on how to live a healthy, stress-free life of ease, take a look at her full video course, The Stress Solution: Your Complete Guide To A Healthy, Energized & Happy Life.

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