Could A Burger King Veggie Burger Be Coming To America?

Since a large percentage of Indians are vegetarians, it's no surprise that the Burger Kings in India have many vegetarian options on their menu.

But could a Burger King veggie burger make its way over to the U.S.? It looks like a strong possibility, reports the Economic Times.

"Looking at the response here, the global management is evaluating introducing some of these options going forward to other vegetarian-friendly markets," said Raj Varman, chief executive officer of Burger King India.

And since so many American fast-food chains have recently started catering to more health-conscious consumers, the U.S. is prime real estate right now for vegetarian options.

So it really shouldn't be long before the Home of the Whopper finally serves up a "Veg WHOPPER" — and maybe a "Paneer King Melt" and a "Spicy Bean Royale," too — over on this continent.

By making its menu more inclusive of all diets, BK is doing a great job of letting us "Have it [our] way."

What do you think of the potential plans?

Image via Burger King India

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