12 Flower Essences For The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac

Flower essences are natural elixirs that work on a subtle energy level to inspire emotional well-being. And while flower essences may not yet be as common are as essential oils, these botanical elixirs hold an important place in the realm of natural medicine.

The most commonly known are the Bach flower essences — a collection of 38 different remedies, discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach — which are widely available at natural food stores and holistic pharmacies. In addition to these individual remedies, Dr. Bach created the calming formula known as Rescue Remedy, a popular remedy that is often people's first introduction to the realm of flower essences. There are actually hundreds of individual flower essences that can be used, each addressing a different facet of mind-body health.

As we know from herbal medicine as well as aromatherapy, each plant has its own specific healing potential. Flower essences work on bolstering mental and emotional well-being, with each flower associated with a particular characteristic. For example, Impatiens help those who struggle with impatience. While flower essences may sound magical, just ask anyone who has used them and they will report that their sense of overall well-being has shifted.

Since astrology also helps us to better know ourselves, why not incorporate which flower essences support our individual temperament!

Below you'll find one flower essence for each of the 12 signs. Read yours and see whether it feels like a fit.

1. Aries: Impatiens

A "now or never" perspective and quick pace are Aries calling cards. Yet, if they are also your source of undue stress and strain, try Impatiens flower essence. It's used to counter impatience by encouraging a more natural flow with time.

2. Taurus: Chestnut Bud

Security-striving Taureans gain comfort from their routines, even those that may not serve them well. If you want help breaking the "been there, done that, now I'll do that again" cycle, notably when it comes to well-etched but suboptimal patterns, try Chestnut Bud.

3. Gemini: Madia

Curious Gemini are intellectual butterflies, fluttering from idea to idea. If you feel that this satisfies your keen curiosity, yet rattles your ability to concentrate, Madia may be a great flower essence to try, as it's said to calm the waves of a wandering mind.

4. Cancer: Honeysuckle

Many Cancers exude a great reverence for history. Yet, sometimes a strong magnetism to the past causes you to get stuck in it. Honeysuckle flower essence can help release the grip of what has already come to pass, allowing you to be more fully in the here and now.

5. Leo: Borage

Generous and self-expressive, Leos quest to live through their hearts. Yet, it's not always easy to feel the love flowing through when sadness or stress is also your companion. For those times, check out Borage flower essence, which fortifies the courage to transform disheartened, to openhearted.

6. Virgo: Pine

Perfectionists by nature, Virgo loves to be organized and have things just so. Yet, when you fail to meet your own high standards, it can lead to a swirl of self-judgment. To help you get out of this spin cycle, by crafting a connection to self-compassion, try Pine flower essence.

7. Libra: Scleranthus

Librans are often weighing, and reweighing, their options before they make a decision. While this is an inherent part of your nature, it sometimes leaves you vacillating in an indecision eddy. To galvanize more decisive determination, consider Scleranthus flower essence for more clarity.

8. Scorpio: Holly

You've got a passionate nature like no other, Scorpio. Yet, when you perceive you're not the object of another's desires, it can stir up defensive feelings of jealousy, suspicion, and the like. Holly can help quell these isolating feelings by having you tap into the deep stream of transformative, ever-present love.

9. Sagittarius: Vervain

While sharing your ideals with others fuels your joie de vivre spirit, your ardent enthusiasm can sometimes have you setting overly optimistic goals. If you need support in balancing impassioned pursuits with a pragmatic perspective, try Vervain flower essence.

10. Capricorn: Oak

Capricorns often feel they can do everything on their own, a boost to their self-reliant spirit, yet an exhausting route to attaining achievements. Oak is a great flower essence when you need help remembering that you too have limits, and that the acceptance of them reflects a strength, rather than a weakness, of character.

11. Aquarius: California Wild Rose

Your ability to step back from a situation helps you in your pursuits, yet sometimes detachment can be a slippery slope to apathy, and get in your way of galvanizing your potent conviction. When you need help re-energizing your commitment to your valued ideals, consider California Wild Rose.

12. Pisces: Pink Yarrow

With your sensitive and compassionate nature, you've got a superstar ability to take on the feelings of others, which could leave you overwhelmed in a sea of emotions. Pink Yarrow helps Pisces maintain emotional clarity, fortifying their boundaries while still keeping their hearts open.

This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

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