NBA Stars Say Going Vegetarian Helped Them

Professional basketball players are night owls, as most of their games don't end until around 10:30pm. The game is followed by a press conference, a shower and then it's either back to the hotel or hopping on a jet to their next game.

With very odd eating hours it's tough to eat healthy or vegetarian. NBA star, James Jones, who is now a vegetarian, tells ESPN, "Room service is tough.... I'm ordering five side dishes of steamed broccoli, five dishes of steamed asparagus and a bowl of brown rice."

Though James is a vegetarian, he's in the minority. But the tide is turning.

Not only are NBA players embracing yoga, but they're slowly embracing eating vegetarian. With James coming out of the vegetarian closet, and just a week ago Carmelo Anthony saying he went meatless for 21-days, are we in the beginning of a shift?

Retired star, John Salley (pictured), hopes so. Salley credits his vegetarian diet for making him a better player and has just launched an organic and vegan food company. He says he's looking to spreading the word about the benefits of eating vegetarian to others:

We hope to see more professional athletes spreading the word about eating plant-based as these players have tremendous influence over kids, especially kids in lower-income areas who often don't have the access or education about the importance of eating healthy.

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