New Swimsuit Campaign Rejects Photoshop & Celebrates Cellulite

Here's how to get a beach body: step onto a beach. Seriously — no matter your shape or size — that's all it takes.

Yet, wherever we look, we see ads telling us to get "beach-body ready." They're not encouraging us to apply sunscreen; they're implying we should look like the models in the ads: thin, busty, and blemish-less, aided by Photoshop.

That's why it's so refreshing to see swimsuitsforall's latest campaign "Beach Body. Not Sorry." Plus-size model Denise Bidot stars in a sexy video that, according to a release from the company, is "completely un-retouched."

“I love everything about my body ... the cellulite, the stretch marks, everything that I thought was an imperfection I now realize is everything that makes me me," says Bidot in the video, as she confidently struts her stuff in a bikini.

"Curvy women really shouldn’t apologize for who they are ... They should just wear a swimsuit that makes them feel comfortable, and it’s all about the confidence.”

And her is confidence palpable. She's clearly #NotSorry at all.

With the recent trend toward more body diversity in the fashion industry, let's hope it eventually stops being just that — a trend — and becomes the norm.

(h/t NYDN)

Image via swimsuitsforall

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