Will Your Relationship Last? 3 Things Your Spirit Guides Want You To Know

I’m a medium who communicates with Spirit Guides and one of the questions I'm asked most is: “Will my relationship last?”

After helping thousands of people with their relationships, I’ve learned that there are three common messages Spirit Guides want you to know when you are asking the question, “Will my relationship last?”

1. Everything leads you to more joy.

Your Spirit Guides want you to know that everything in your life is ultimately leading you toward more joy. It may sound cheesy, but that's not how I, nor your Spirit Guides, mean this piece of wisdom. What they do want you to know, is that even confusion or unhappiness in your relationship is providing you an opportunity for clarity.

By providing you a challenge to grapple with, these tough times are helping you clarify what you want, to find more ways to connect more with your partner, or perhaps to move on to a more nurturing relationship.

It can be hard to see the positive when you’re in the midst of struggle, but maybe you can remember a past relationship that didn’t turn out the way you thought it would, and looking back, you can be grateful that it didn’t.

There was a time in my life when I thought I’d ruined my only chance at happiness in love. But after meeting my wonderful husband a few years later, I learned that there is even more joy in store for us than we can imagine for ourselves. I’ve learned to start asking, “How is this situation helping me?” and sit in silence for the answer.

Even if it’s blind faith at first, remind yourself that in some way, everything in your relationship right now is leading you to more joy.

2. Focus on what you can control.

Sometimes asking, “Will my relationship last?” can lead you to feel that you are a victim to circumstances beyond your control. You might worry that your relationship isn’t meant to be or that your partner will decide to end the relationship against your wishes.

Your Spirit Guides want you to feel empowered and to focus on what you can control. You can’t control how your partner feels or what they might do in the future. What you can control is your participation in the relationship. You can decide whether it is something you want to continue working on or if you want to end it. By realizing that you can quite simply choose to focus on certain things and not others, you release the feeling of being a victim and feel empowered.

Instead of asking, “Will my relationship last?” feel empowered by changing the question to, “Do I want my relationship to last?”

Note that it can be difficult to get an accurate answer to this question when you're feeling emotional about your relationship, so take a moment to calm your mind and tune into your truest self — that quiet, peaceful place of stillness within. A guided meditation, yoga session, or walk in nature can help. Then ask yourself the question again: “Do I want my relationship to last?” Observe the answer. If you are connecting to your truest self, whatever answer you receive will be accompanied by a sense of peace.

3. Nurture yourself first.

In any relationship, you may have times of stress, arguing, feeling attracted to other people, or losing interest in your partner. You may have times when you feel so depleted, you don’t have any love or attention left to give to your partner. When you’re feeling this way, any difficulties in your relationship may feel larger than they are, and you may feel at a loss as to what to do to make your relationship better.

Your Spirit Guides want you to know that there is plenty of time to nurture yourself first before making any decisions regarding your relationship. Give yourself whatever time you need to feel refreshed, loved, and supported. With a peaceful mind and supported spirit, you’ll be able to get clarity, communicate with love, and have the energy to make whatever changes you decide to make.

Worrying about the longevity of your relationship can drain your energy, make you feel a loss of control, and make little communication issues feel like big, insurmountable problems. Following this guidance can help you return to feeling peaceful and empowered, no matter what you ultimately decide to do regarding your relationship.

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