Papa John's Is The Latest Food Chain To Shun Artificial Ingredients

At this point, if you're a fast-food chain that still has artificial ingredients in your recipes, you're probably feeling pretty lonely.

Listening to consumers' pleas for healthier food, big companies like Subway, Taco Bell, and (just yesterday) General Mills have been cutting out all the fake stuff from their food. Now we can add Papa John's to the ever-growing list.

As reported by Bloomberg, the pizza giant is going to be spending a whopping $100 million a year to rid its food of 14 artificial ingredients like corn syrup, artificial colors and various preservatives by the end of 2016.

The overhaul is mostly targeted at the chain's dipping sauces. It already took MSG out of its ranch dressing and trans fats from its garlic sauce last year, but apparently, it's not stopping there.

While it's unclear right now what ingredients will be taking the place of the not-so-natural ones, we're glad to see that Papa John's is taking its long-time slogan "better ingredients, better pizza" to a whole other level.

Papa's in the houuuse.

(h/t Bloomberg)

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