Goldie Hawn’s 5 Simple Tips To Get (And Stay) Happy

Goldie Hawn's first book, 10 Mindful Minutes, focuses on teaching simple techniques for breathing, sensing, and thinking with intention. Here, Goldie has adapted easy-to-act-on tips from her writing exercise-based follow-up, 10 Mindful Minutes: A Journal.

1. Inhabit meaningful memories.

Recall some of the happiest times in your life. Maybe it was the birth of a child, your wedding day, or when you received a well-deserved job promotion. Write about how you really felt on two of these occasions. Do you remember the unending joy coursing through your body? Did you feel elated? Did you feel connected to something bigger than yourself?

2. Reconnect with yourself.

Write about a time when you felt attractive, vibrant, and free. Where were you? As time goes on we sometimes lose our sense of vitality because of the burdens of everyday living. Sit quietly and focus on a time when you felt attractive, vibrant, and free. You will enliven your spirit as you recall these precious moments — and rediscover the real you.

3. Acknowledge the joy within.

In [my previous book], 10 Mindful Minutes, I write about the phenomenon called “hedonistic treadmill” — the misguided belief that has us thinking that acquiring new toys, gadgets, or whatever will make us happy. Shift your attention to recent experiences that didn’t involve material things, yet brought you unfettered joy. Note a few of these.

4. Make art of your bliss.

Take out an old photograph. It could be a photo from when you were a child or a more recent one of your family. Maybe it’s a scenic photograph that simply makes you feel contented. Write about this photo in any way that feels good to you. You might try writing a creative short story or even a fantasy. Or simply recount how you feel when you look at the photograph.

5. Make your happy place tangible.

In 10 Mindful Minutes, I suggest that you gather items from around your home and create a “Happiness Box” for you and your children. It’s a wonderful way to create happy memories together. But now I suggest an activity that is only for you. Draw or paste images or write down thoughts and ideas that make you happy.

Think of this space as a mini vision board of all that makes you feel good. You might cut out an image from a magazine and paste it here — like a photo of a hot fudge sundae (which is something I would include!), one of your children’s drawings, or a favorite poem or quotation. Whatever you decide to include, let these pages be an expression of your “happy place.”

Based on excerpts from 10 MINDFUL MINUTES: A Journal by Goldie Hawn, with the permission of Perigee/Penguin, a division of Penguin Random House. Copyright © 2015.

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