5 Mind Tricks To Make Your Workouts Easier & More Fun

Written by Monica Nelson

We've all been there. For whatever reason, you just can seem to focus on your workout — maybe it's a "blah" day or you have a lot on your mind. Or maybe you're new to working out and are still struggling to find that motivation to get out the door. These tricks will help you focus and get the most out of your workout. Always remember — showing up is half the battle!

1. Visualize yourself crushing it.

This is so simple and takes no time. Imagine how hard you’re going to work and how great you'll feel after. Picture yourself from start to finish — performing the exercises you have for that day and then walking out of the gym, covered in sweat. This will keep you interested in not wasting time and will keep you focused on your goals.

2. Count backwards.

This is one of my favorite distraction tools. If you have 10 push-ups, countdown from 10. Starting at one seems daunting, but counting down somehow makes the goal of one seem less daunting. If you have a fast sprint on your bike, count down from say 20 seconds. You'll be shocked at how fast it goes and how good it will feel to hear “one.”

3. Tell yourself that quitting is not an option.

It’s important to realize that your mind is programmed to hit the brakes before your body is. The brain sends signals that your heart rate may be too high or you’re producing too much lactic acid prior to your body reaching its limits.

Remember that quitting often is a self-reinforcing behavior that can lead to the idea that you’re incapable of working harder. That is not habit you want to make. Focus on finishing STRONG.

4. Challenge yourself with every exercise.

Try to push past your comfort zone, just a little bit, every time. For example if you aren’t lifting heavy enough weights — you are wasting time. Whereas if you lift heavier, you force the muscle to do the work and wind up more engaged with the exercise. This way, your form (so important) is never compromised. Not only will you get a stronger body, but you'll strengthen your mind power with each hard repetition.

5. Stop looking at everyone else.

Stay focused on you and the level that feels right for YOU. Pay attention to how much you might be “comparing” yourself to others without even knowing. Everyone is at a different level so it's best to keep your focus on yourself. This will help you learn how to push yourself and focus on your goals. The only time you can compare is when you’re trying to beat someone to the finish line!

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