How To Get Unstuck + Start Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

mbg Contributor By Lloyd Burnett
mbg Contributor
Lloyd Burnett is a San Diego based writer and spiritual teacher. He is the author of The Voice Inside Your Head: How to Use Your Mind to Instantly Create Financial Security & Attract Money.

Although the pull to procrastinate, get distracted, or play it safe may feel especially strong when it comes to your job, the time is now to begin pursuing your life purpose. While stability may feel like the most important thing, know that you are divinely supported to step out of what’s keeping you stuck.

There are few good reasons to be at a job that doesn’t fully utilize the incredible gift that you have to offer the world. Today, you can begin the process of consciously fulfilling your life purpose.

This may feel like a terrifying call to action, but if you’re reading this article, I invite you to consider that it’s a sign that a part of you is ready to move from dreaming about your purpose to living it.

Here are three steps to gently guide you into consciously fulfilling your purpose.

1. Investigate your feelings of vulnerability and fear.

Let's face it: the prospect of consciously living your purpose is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Dropping all that is familiar with the intention of declaring your authentic self to the universe is no easy feat. But the potential energy of this action, the potential that is inducing uncertainty and fear, is also what makes this journey so energizing.

For example, if your purpose is to write books, it may feel like a big part of you is within the pages of the book. Therefore, when others read it, you may feel exposed or open to criticism or rejection.

Let's take this example one step further: if you don’t support the parts of you that are afraid of criticism and rejection, then you’ll always find excuses to not write your book. It’s a form of self-protection. If there’s no book, then there’s no vulnerability.

Investigation is important to support the parts of you that feel vulnerable allowing others to experience the fruits of your life purpose. When you find yourself feeling vulnerable about consciously living your life purpose, investigate those feelings by consider the following statement for yourself:

If I consciously live my purpose, I’m afraid that...

Then ask: What do the parts of me that are terrified need to know to feel supported?

2. Harness the power of change.

You’ve probably been taught that it’s important to be consistent and steadfast in everything you do.

And it’s true that consistency and perseverance are important traits in consciously living your life purpose. But I invite you to get curious about what would happen if you gave yourself permission to change constantly.

For example, when you plant a seed in the ground, at some point it becomes a sprout. Then the sprout becomes a flower. Then the flower becomes a fruit.

If at any point in the process the seed decides that it doesn’t want to change because it’s afraid of what the sun and moon will think of it or that it won’t be good at being a flower, it will begin to die. Well, not exactly ... but you get my point.

Permission to change gives you freedom to grow and consciously experience all aspects of your life purpose. Forcing yourself to stay the same forever limits your life purpose and kills its conscious, creative expression.

What part of you is afraid of changing? What is this part of you afraid will happen to you or your relationships if you change? How can you support this part?

3. Keep getting weirder and weirder.

Have you ever had a cool idea but then thought to yourself, “This is too weird. Nobody will ever want to hear, see, or buy this”?

Unsurprisingly, judging your creativity or inner voice is one of the most common ways of prohibiting yourself from connecting to your life purpose, and fulfilling it.

Life purpose is inherently weird and unique to you. In other words: of course it’s going to look weird to others because it's wholly unique. You express your life purpose in a way that only YOU can.

Think about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. When they talked about their visions for technology in the early stages of their careers, they got a lot of blank stares and scoffs. Their ideas were weird and different. However, instead of buying into that judgment and allowing it to stop the conscious fulfillment of their life purpose, they took their vision even further and made their weird ideas products, that now, most of us can’t imagine living without.

We are all being divinely supported and called to wake up to our life purpose and take action. If you need "proof" of this support, do a quick Internet search for “life purpose." It sounds silly, but you'll at least see that you have access to an incredible amount of information to support you in your journey that wasn’t readily available in the past.

If you’re ready to accept that support and consciously live your purpose, check out this free training on fear and manifesting your life purpose.

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