Yet Another Reason To Make Sure You Use All Your Vacation Days

Written by Emi Boscamp
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Ah, summer Mondays. You've traded a view of the blue sky for a computer screen.

But don't be afraid to extend your weekend. As long as you give sufficient notice, your boss won't hold it against you. In fact, new research shows that he or she will actually appreciate it — and maybe even give you a promotion.

Over at the Harvard Business Review, Shawn Achor describes his work with the U.S. Travel Association on a new initiative called Project: Time Off.

These are the major points Achor makes, using both his own and U.S. Travel's research:

  • "People who take all of their vacation time have a 6.5% higher chance of getting a promotion or a raise than people who leave 11 or more days of paid time off on the table."
  • "To be truly engaged at work, your brain needs periodic breaks to gain fresh perspective and energy."
  • "Most managers understand that happy employees are more productive and collaborative."

Not all vacations are created equal. If you plan everything in advance for a stress-free time, you're good to go. But if wing it and find yourself frazzled, you would've been better off staying home.

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