Probiotics Could Could Help Cure Your Social Anxiety

Your morning yogurt could be doing a lot more than just improving your digestive health. According to a new study from the College of William & Mary, probiotics could also help ease your social anxiety.

A team of psychologists surveyed about 700 college students on their eating and exercise habits, personalities, and any social anxiety symptoms they may have experienced.

They found that those who ate more fermented foods had less social anxiety — and the effect was most evident in highly neurotic people.

In other words, among people who described themselves as anxious, those who ate probiotics reported more social behavior. Sounds good to me: snack on some kimchi and feel good at a big party. (You might want to brush your teeth before leaving the house, though.)

While this study could only show correlation and not causation, past studies have shown that probiotics can have an effect on our mood. But the researchers plan to create an experimental version of the study soon.

"I think there is some skepticism that there can be such a profound influence [of the gut on the mind], but the data is quite substantial now," said co-author Matthew R. Hilimire in a statement.

As a pickle enthusiast, I am thrilled. What do you think?

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