What Every Entrepreneur Can Do For More Energy (No Green Juice Required!)

The life of an entrepreneur is uncertain. It requires your full attention and all of your energy when you’re building and sustaining a thriving business. If you don’t take care of yourself and what fuels you, your business will suffer. Start by focusing on what you can control and care for yourself from the inside out.

Here are five habits that will radically change how you invest in your own self-care and as a result, grow your business.

1. Make meal planning a habit.

Everyone knows that preparing in advance is critical for success, but how often do you find yourself grabbing take out, chips or frozen dinners because it seems like the easiest option?

Meal planning systematizes your meals for good. When you take the guesswork out of what you’re going to eat and make healthy foods convenient by preparing them beforehand, you thrive.

2. Grocery shop ahead of time.

Have you ever been shopping when you’re hungry? It’s a total nightmare for your health and your finances. I mean, if you’re going to be meal prepping in advance, then you have to grocery shop ahead of time. Grocery shopping is how you set yourself up for success in advance.

Would you walk into a business meeting with your pockets open and no plan? No way!

3. Have snacks ready.

Do you know the #1 killer of productivity? It’s not laziness or Facebook — it's actually dips in your blood sugar. You know that feeling you get after lunch where you are easily distractible and sleepy? That’s your blood sugar spiking and then dipping.

If you want to avoid these roller coasters, you can prepare your snacks ahead of time. Well-planned snacks of the right kinds of foods can help you tap into sustained energy.

4. Plan times to eat.

It’s not just enough to have the food prepared or in the fridge, you have to make it easy to eat it too.

A cue for eating junk can be anything from feeling tired, feeling bored, getting distracted or needing a break from your strenuous work pace. Once a cue is triggered you’re all but a slave to your current habits because of the reward they bring you. Anyone who loves their morning coffee can relate.

By setting specific times for eating when you know you'll be hungry, you’ll build new routines and take breaks to fuel yourself.

5. Reward yourself with something healthy.

Depending on your view, "healthy" might be a dirty word that means restricting your favorite foods or activities, but that's not the case here. If you want to develop new habits and systems to fuel your body and mind, then you have to establish a set of rewards that motivate you.

Ask yourself, what have I been craving lately that I haven’t been allowing myself to have? Is it a favorite meal, a new pair of shoes, or something else? Whatever you do, make sure it's actually a reward, because if you skimp on the reward, you’ll drop the new habit in short order.

You don’t work for free, right? Make the reward count to make your new system last.

Here’s a little secret: each of these requires you to systematize your actions in this area, the same way you would with your business's finances, vendors, and marketing.

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