How To Reconnect With Your Body To Know How Powerful You Really Are

Written by Allison Dryja

For years, there was no term for "emotional eating." But now that we know what's really going on — we feel unsafe, deprived and out of our bodies — we can use healing relationships with food as a bridge to coming home to our bodies, reclaiming our feminine gifts and embracing our roles as agents of change.

But this isn't possible unless we can feel ourselves, our pleasure, our intuition, our hearts. Unless we stop obsessing over food and beauty. Unless we recognize we are beautiful and that to think anything less is an insult.

It’s time for women everywhere to wake up to our magnificence and step into our greatness. To reconnect with our innate healing powers that humanity desperately needs. To realign humanity with nature, with the body, with the heart.

Here are five ways to come home to your own body so you can begin to know how powerful you really are:

1. Connect with your heart.

Your heart is filled with unlimited love, the opposite of fear. It’s the most powerful healing force in the entire universe. Tap into your heart and fill your whole body with its love. This can help dust off the cobwebs inside your body and wake up parts of you that have been asleep.

2. Ask, "What am I hiding from?"

An obsession with food or beauty is often a mask to cover up something deeper. Maybe you need more love in your life. Maybe you're unhappy at your job. Bring some loving attention to the parts of you that are feeling deprived and make space for the longing in your body. Wrap this longing in your love. Enlist the help of a friend, mentor, or coach for clarity and support.

3. Get curious with your body.

Spend some time alone with yourself and pay attention to your body. Dance naked in front of the mirror. Discover how you like to move your body, how you like to be touched. Try gently stroking your arm or giving yourself a massage. Notice what comes up emotionally and continue to bring loving curiosity to all parts of you, especially the ones you resist.

4. Eat slowly and with pleasure.

So often we eat without even noticing, which contributes to our sense of feeling deprived. If we aren’t present with our food, how can we feel satisfied? Make yourself a meal that tastes delicious and sit down to eat. Enjoy it slowly. Taste every bite and put your fork down in between. There's no rush.

Is there anything more important than allowing yourself the satisfaction of feeding yourself? If so, it’s time to re-prioritize.

5. Honor who you are.

You’re never going to look like anyone else. You are you. No one else gets to live in your body. No one else gets to feel the validity, strength and power of your emotions.

So listen to yourself. Let yourself be as you are. You are you for a reason. A beautiful, rare flower just waiting to blossom even more magnificently into her power. A priestess, a goddess, an embodiment of the earth herself.

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