3 Beliefs You Must Internalize Before You Find Your Life's Purpose

As human beings, we are always on a quest for fulfillment, which many of us often think of in terms of our own individual purpose in this world. Yet we often interpret fulfillment as it relates to our external reality — how much money we make, whether or not we are married and have kids, how much our job stimulates us mentally and creatively.

And let's face it: all of these things can certainly add to our quality of life, but they certainly aren't direct measurements of how well we are fulfilling our purpose, or how fulfilled we "should" be. The true measure of fulfillment lies in how much peace we experience, how much we feel at ease in our own skin in any situation, how much we are able to surrender to what is and see the Divine in all of it.

The wholeness we seek outside ourselves is inside us right now. We frantically search for contentment, all the while an abundant wellspring is ready, waiting to be uncovered within. It is our ability to see and experience the world through the lens of our spirit that allows us to access a level of fulfillment unlike anything outside of us could ever provide. And the only way to access that lens is to build a bridge through breath and strengthen our connection to our spirit.

Here are three insights that are essential tools you can wield to tap into your purpose, and experience true fulfillment.

1. There is wisdom in stillness.

When you take 20, 15, or even just five minutes every day to stop, slow down and take a breath, you connect to a spaciousness within you that springs organically from your soul. In fact, this stillness, this space, is always accessible within you; you just have to choose to tap into it.

When you do make this choice, you undergo a vibrational re-set that allows you to gain clarity around what lies in front of you and makes room for you to fully experience all that life has to offer. Your sacred inner connection to your spirit is what drives your life, delivers your true fulfillment, and provides the acceptance and wholeness you desire.

2. Your body (not just your mind) has deep knowledge of your purpose.

Although fulfillment can be considered an esoteric experience, it is actually fully rooted in the wellbeing of your body. Allowing yourself to feed your body nourishing foods, keep it hydrated, and give it fresh air and exercise, you are providing yourself with a healthy foundation from which to navigate life.

Nurturing your physical body in every way — regardless of your current state of vitality — will help you to experience longer and deeper states of peace, each time you go within until eventually it will become a normal part of your everyday experience.

3. Joy is not superfluous, but essential.

Right now, I want you to step outside or look out your window and see the beauty of life around you. And if you're not near a window, find something nearby that interests you slightly, even if it's just a color. Focus on something, be it a flower, a tree, the stunning blue of the new car across the street. Whatever in that moment speaks to you in soft and beautiful whispers, or has a stunning impact on you, let it take your breath away.

From there, dig deeper. Reflect on hobbies or creative expressions you used to indulge in in your youth, or just last year, that you haven’t taken the opportunity to play with lately and work some time into your calendar this week to play. This will help you recognize your power and agency in creating more wonder in your life.

The time is now to start planning the trip you’ve always wanted to take and take some kind of action step (large or small) every day to bring that dream into a reality. When you listen to the joyful suggestions your spirit is always encouraging you to experience, more peace and fulfillment can arise from within.

Mother Theresa once said, “Life is a promise. Fulfill it.” Your journey toward fulfillment begins and ends with you. Get in touch with you and honor yourself. Honor all that you are and all that you are here to experience and share because when you source your life from your spirit, you’re keeping the most important promise there is.

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