A Nonprofit Supermarket Is Selling Super-Cheap Food, Wants To Expand

When the cashier rings you up at The Daily Table, you won't believe your eyes. How could a week's worth of groceries cost so little?

Well, with a dozen eggs selling for 99 cents and bananas for 29 cents a pound, things don't add up as quickly.

Former Trader Joe's President Doug Rauch has opened the first branch of his affordable, wholesome grocery store in Dorchester, Massachusetts, reports NPR.

Clearly, this isn't your average grocery store. The Daily Table works as a nonprofit, selling healthy food at staggeringly low prices because it's either surplus or nearing its sell-by date (but still perfectly fine to eat) — stuff most grocery stores would otherwise throw out.

The store also provides ready-to-eat meals prepared on site, using, for example, aging kale whose edges have gotten a little light in color. They just cut those parts off and throw it in a sauté pan.

"Our meals are priced to compete with fast food options, making it easier for families to eat healthier within their means," reads its website.

Rauch plans to open more of the stores in the greater Boston area and, eventually, throughout the rest of the country. We hope to see them everywhere!

Image via The Daily Table

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