The FDA Could Be On The Verge Of Banning Trans Fats In Restaurants

It all started with ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In 2006, Bloomberg banned trans fats from all restaurants in the city. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is taking this move to a national level, perhaps as early as June 15, according to the New York Post.

What once seemed radical could be going mainstream nearly a decade later, as it seems the Obama administration has finally seen the light. They've deemed partially hydrogenated oils as "not generally safe."

Dr. Thomas Farley, Bloomberg's health commissioner told the Post, "Trans-fat is an artificial chemical. It never should have gotten into our food supply in the first place. It’s toxic over the long term and it's easy to get rid of."

The ban would undoubtedly have an impact on trans-fat consumption in eateries across the country (particularly in fast food restaurants), but unfortunately, the chemical is far from banished from the food supply. You can still find it all over the supermarket — in popcorn, chips, cakes, cookies and the like.

But it's a relief to know you won't find the harmful fat on your plate when you dine out. Now you just need to keep a wary eye on packaged foods.

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