7 Quotes To Get You Fired Up To Follow Your Dreams

What happens when you put an Olympic snowboarder, a record-setting rock climber and a Spartan Race World Champion in a room? We found out at this year's revitalize! (Spoiler alert: we got inspired to crank up our training.)

Turns out that many of the tricks that work for these badass athletes can work for the rest of us, too. Tough Mudder Champion Amelia Boone, for example, gets up at 4am so she can fit in some cardio before she starts her day job as a corporate attorney. Olympian Gretchen Bleiler practices meditation to become her best self. And rock climber Steph Davis actively manages her fear because she doesn't want it to limit her life.

There were so many great moments at this year's revitalize; here are a few quotes to inspire you to become your best self, starting today.

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