4 Reasons Meditation Will Transform Your Pregnancy

Written by Jillian Lavender

During my pregnancy, my fundamental desire was for my baby to be balanced, happy and healthy.

All of my work as a meditation teacher has shown me that the most important factor in fulfilling this desire, is for the mother to aspire for these very same qualities.

And the most powerful tool for creating this balanced state was my regular meditation practice. Every time I closed my eyes, I knew I was meditating for two!

Here are four reasons why meditation will transform your pregnancy, and your baby:

1. Deeper rest

When we meditate, we rest deeply — much more so than sleep alone. There is so much change going on in our body throughout pregnancy, as the new life inside of us grows and develops. This can leave us feeling drained both physically and emotionally. Meditation taps into our energy reserves and allows for the creation process to play out in a smooth way.

2. Less stress, more bliss

It is so important for a mother to remain happy and calm. We are truly what we think. In the same way that our thoughts and feelings affect our physical body, whatever we think and feel during pregnancy directly affects the baby as well.

Meditation reduces stress hormones such as cortisol and increases the level of natural bliss chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin. A less anxious and tense mother will lead to a calmer and happier baby.

3. Connecting with universal intelligence

The universal intelligence that keeps the moon orbiting our planet is the same as what is responsible for the creation of a human being from its start as a single cell in the womb.

Meditation allows us to settle down our awareness to this subtle state of creative intelligence — the source of life itself. When we are aligned to this state of de-excitement, we tune in to the fountainhead of our creativity and all that manifests out of it. We are waking up our inner healing wisdom so that we can balance and strengthen our body from within.

4. Building up reserves

When we meditate each day, we are gaining more rest and releasing more stress than we are taking on board.

By meditating during pregnancy we quickly build up an energy surplus, which is crucial for childbirth and once the baby is born. One of the biggest contributing factors to new mothers feeling down and overwhelmed, is the fatigue they hold in their system.

When new mothers enter into this demanding time with a reserve of energy and a less stressed nervous system, we are able to be there for our child in a much more positive way. We recover more quickly and we make better decisions for us and our whole family.

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