The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee Is NOT First Thing In The Morning

The best part of waking up ... probably shouldn't be Folgers in your cup.

The guys at AsapSCIENCE argue in a new video that the best time of day to drink coffee is actually around 9 a.m.

As they explain, it's all about the hormone cortisol our bodies naturally produce and when we're most likely to produce it. Our level of alertness peaks several times throughout the day, based on our cortisol activity — and in the morning, this tends to happen between 8 and 9 a.m.

While one might think consuming caffeine around this time would just boost this effect, scientists say otherwise. In fact, they say, research has shown that "consuming coffee or energy drinks during peak cortisol production greatly diminishes the caffeine's effect and builds up a greater tolerance to the drug in the long run."

And to all you night owls: Cortisol levels increase as soon as you wake up, regardless of time. So, if you sleep in because you had a late night, they still suggest waiting an hour after waking for that first cup.

But please, don't take any resulting grumpiness out on your loved ones — or, for that matter, co-workers.

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