Why Waiting To Get Married Is Better For Your Health

We know that people tend to gain weight once they get married. Maybe our comfort level gets to a point where we feel less of a need to impress each other. Who knows.

But a new study suggests that it’s actually when you get married — in relation to college — that matters.

Using health data from almost 14,000 people, the study authors came to a pretty shocking conclusion: People who got married before graduating from college were 50% more likely to later become obese than those who earned their degrees first. And they even controlled for the participants' BMI and socioeconomic status pre-college age.

Why? Well, they're not sure. But lead author Richard Allen Miech explained his theory in a press release:

Of course, you should still get married whenever the time's right. If nothing else, this study shows us how many factors go into our health and what a real challenge it is to maintain.

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