How Your Health Depends On Your Neighborhood

I've got some sad news for my fellow New Yorkers.

According to Swedish researchers, people who constantly experience noise from traffic, airplanes, and trains are more likely to gain weight — 25% more, to be exact — than people living in quieter areas (with, say, only one noise source).

A team studied the effects of sound on metabolism in 5,000 people in Stockholm, and found a link between environmental noise and weight gain.

How is that possible? Well, the researchers couldn't find an exact cause for the connection, but they believe the stress from the noise leads to poor sleep, which can increase appetite and drain energy.

Perhaps the most shocking finding was that every five decibels above 45 (normal traffic noise) added 0.2 cm to the waist.

The authors advise sleeping on the "quiet side of the road," but, of course, that may not be possible. At least here in New York City, where there are over 140,000 noise complaints a year, there is no such thing.

(h/t New York Daily News)

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