Trans People Answer The Rudest Questions They Get Asked

Despite growing acceptance in the media and in society in general, trans people are still asked rude questions on a regular basis. And often, those asking aren't aware that they're treating trans people like spectacles rather than real, living, breathing human beings.

So, questions one would never dare ask a cisgender person — like "How do you have sex?" — are tossed in the direction of trans people without a second thought.

If you're thinking, But how will I know anything if I don't ask? well, thankfully, there's this thing called Google. There, you can look up just about anything. Curiosity never justifies making someone feel sub-human.

In order to bring awareness to this issue, BBC Three asked some of the most common offensive questions to a panel of trans people, in a video called "Things Not to Say to a Trans Person." Despite some inevitable facepalms, the panelists are are patient enough to answer with a sense of humor.

It's a must-watch:

Screengrab via BBC Three/YouTube

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