Trans People Answer The Rudest Questions They Get Asked

Trans People Answer The Rudest Questions They Get Asked Hero Image

Despite growing acceptance in the media and in society in general, trans people are still asked rude questions on a regular basis. And often, those asking aren't aware that they're treating trans people like spectacles rather than real, living, breathing human beings.

So, questions one would never dare ask a cisgender person — like "How do you have sex?" — are tossed in the direction of trans people without a second thought.

If you're thinking, But how will I know anything if I don't ask? well, thankfully, there's this thing called Google. There, you can look up just about anything. Curiosity never justifies making someone feel sub-human.

In order to bring awareness to this issue, BBC Three asked some of the most common offensive questions to a panel of trans people, in a video called "Things Not to Say to a Trans Person." Despite some inevitable facepalms, the panelists are are patient enough to answer with a sense of humor.

It's a must-watch:


Screengrab via BBC Three/YouTube

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