Hey, Men! Coffee Could Be Good For Your Sex Life

People always seem to be trying to "cut down on the coffee." And that's a great goal if you're drinking so much caffeine that you're getting jittery. But now there may be a good reason not to kick the habit — at least for men.

A new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found that a few cups a day (two to three) could help lower men's risk for erectile dysfunction.

In other words, men who drink coffee have less trouble (ahem) rising to the occasion than those who don't.

While the researchers can't yet prove causality, they believe the correlation could be because caffeine helps relax muscles and arteries, improving blood flow to the area in question.

So it seems your morning cup o' joe could bolster productivity in more ways than you ever thought possible — a great excuse to keep on sipping.

(h/t CBS)

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