Superchefs Stay-Slim Secrets: Mindful Eating, Yoga!

Glamour has a great slideshow on celebrity chefs and their stay-slim secrets. Some include our favorites here at MBG like yoga, kale, and mindful eating. Here are the highlights:

Kale & Yoga

"Heavy meals zap my energy, so I love this salad: kale with a pear vinaigrette (whisk olive oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard and pear juice, which you can get at most health food stores). I top it with roasted nuts and diced pears for protein and fiber.... After hours in the kitchen, my body craves yoga. I alternate it with spinning, which I used to be afraid of but now love!"

—Carla Hall, Top Chef contestant and owner of Alchemy by Carla Hall

Healthy Snacks

"I keep snacks like raw almonds, fruit and whole-grain cereals handy to curb my appetite and stay energized."

— Cat Cora (pictured), star of Food Network’s Iron Chef America

Fruit, Exercise & Mindful Eating

"To moderate my sweet tooth, I eat fruit; it’s full of fiber and nutrients so I don’t fill up on pastries... "I schedule in exercise every day—it's nonnegotiable... Having to taste everything at work has taught me to savor food. I get more satisfaction from just a few bites when I’m mindful of what I’m eating.”

— Joanne Chang, chef at Boston’s Myers + Chang and author of Flour


"I live in New York City, so my legs take me everywhere. As a rule, if my destination is within 15 blocks, I walk. The three floors of stairs I climb each time I come home help too!"

— Kelsey Nixon, star of Cooking Channel's Kelsey's Essentials

image via Babble

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