Feng Shui Bedroom and Love Tips: Colors, Objects, Elements, and More!

Feng Shui Bedroom and Love Tips: Colors, Objects, Elements, and More!

Do you want to use feng shui to spice up your love life in the bedroom? The colors, objects, and elements you choose all play a vital role in creating an open and loving energy.

We talked to feng shui expert Jayme Barrett, best-selling author of Feng Shui Your Life. Barrett has appeared nationally on E!, NBC, and HGTV, and she shares five easy tips to get started with feng shui in your bedroom:

1. Add colors that open your heart -- such as red, pink, peach, and white -- to your pillows, bedding, drapery, and rugs.

2. Arrange objects in pairs to create the "aura" of a couple. Arrange two candles, two vases, or two picture frames in different areas of your house.

3. Remove objects and gifts from past lovers or relationships. You don't want to keep past energy alive in your new relationship, especially if you want to attract a new love.

4. Stimulate love by placing a statue of a couple in an embrace or another activity that embodies passion, playfulness, and tenderness. A photo of you and your partner is a great enhancement.

5. Add one delightful element for each of your five senses in your bedroom. Play soft music, touch silky bedding, sip your favorite wine, read a love poem, and smell a bouquet of roses.

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