Sleepwalkers Unknowingly Spread Viruses to the Wide Awake

Memes are the transmitting of thoughts throughout a culture. Sleepwalkers spread negative thought memes without realizing it. Sleepwalkers exist all around us, all day, in every family and in every job. They are those people who are walking around on our planet and seem to be asleep walking around in their lives. Signs of a sleepwalker are an us vs. them mentality, a victim story to cover their own inability to take responsibility or a total lack of insight to their connection to a higher power. They easily criticize you, dump their anxiety on you, doubt you or implant ideas that cause you to doubt yourself.

If you are trying to pave a new path for yourself, spending time with a Sleepwalker is like being infected with a spiritual flu. Like a flu, it could days to come to back to your empowered place (the place that is the real you) after someone has coughed and sneezed at you all the reasons why not, all the problems from your past, all the seemingly big obstacles they are facing.

After a few years of exercising my spiritual muscles of positive affirmation, prayer, meditation and simple imagining a force field of white light around me, I am able to sit and listen to a Sleepwalker and know that they have no power over me. When I first woke up and started living a conscious life from a positive empowered place inside ME, I had trouble tolerating Sleepwalkers all together. I felt like if I breathed the same air as them, I would catch a negative “meme” or mind virus of negative thoughts and fall back into self defeating notions of who I am and my purpose.

We all know a few Sleepwalkers (or lots of them!). A newly awake person might want to distance themselves from Sleepwalkers because their spiritual muscles are not strong yet and highly susceptible to falling back into old negative thought patterns easily. Alienating yourself is not realistic, healthy or necessary, especially if your Sleepwalkers are family and friends. Your Vitamin C to protect yourself from a Sleepwalker is a positive affirmation repeating in your mind or a prayer before and after interacting with that person.

Negative thought memes arise out of wide awake people, too. I consider myself awake or conscious and at least once a day I fall asleep in mid sentence, mid step, mid thought, mid paying for my groceries, mid positive affirmation, mid prayer. By fall asleep, I mean that ego based negative thoughts have crept in and are taking me down a path that’s draining my personal power. These thoughts are "I can't", "I'm not", "It's not happening," "It's never going to happen," "I don't know what to do," and so on.

The difference between a Sleepwalker and a wide awake person who intermittently falls asleep is that wide awake people KNOW they fall asleep. Sleepwalkers are not self aware at all. The are suffering from a deeply entrenched state of ego mind.

Let these people take the role of extras in a play that you are the star in but don’t allow Sleepwalkers to stand next to you on the stage of your life. You own the power of YOUR stage. These people are extras and extras serve a role: they are there to help you grow. Either they are trying to steal or borrow your lime light because they are too afraid to star in their own life, are challenging you to own your stage more than you have been or they are challenging you to learn to let go of old relationships keeping you stuck in small versions of who you were and no longer want to be. One thing is for sure: it's all about YOU turning your experience with a Sleepwalker into a lesson that empowers you, not give them the power of implanting you with a negative meme, or virus of negative thoughts.

A spiritual seeker can overcome the power of Sleepwalkers by understanding that your main job is to make sure you stay awake as much as possible throughout your life. That alone is enough. I guarantee you this: Sleepwalkers stay away from you if they can’t find a host for their meme or negative mind virus. If all you do is remain silent in the presence of Sleepwalker, you are repelling them.

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