Feng Shui Kitchen Tips: How to Bring Prosperity & Health Into Your Life

Do you want to use feng shui in your kitchen to bring prosperity and health into your life?

Here are five easy tips to get started with feng shui in your kitchen:

1. Clear clutter. Clean out the pantry and refrigerator and discard old and unhealthy foods.  Also, remove unused pots and pans, lidless Tupperware, and broken appliances.

2. In feng shui, the stove holds the energy for prosperity, so make sure it's clean and working properly.

3. If your refrigerator is cluttered with invitations, to-do lists, magnets, and flyers, you are creating excess stimulation, which makes you feel overwhelmed and can lead you to overeat. Remove everything from outside the fridge. Feel free to hang a couple colorful magnets with inspiring quotes, but keep it simple. Use the inside of a cabinet door for the to-do lists and flyers.

4. Place your garbage out of view and buy a lid for it. It's best to place it under the sink or in a pantry.

5. Clear clutter from the countertops and arrange a bowl of fruit symbolizing abundance and a cornucopia. Add live plants, flowers, and happy colors to bring positive energy into your cooking and eating experience.

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