Thank You Mr. Quo for Draining Us Because That's What Wakes Us Up

Written by Chrissy Harmon

In the journey of mind consciousness, the term status quo, “as things are”, is the term to describe the state of being when you are uncomfortable living in the service of someone else’s passion or purpose. You are focused on punching the clock, crunching numbers and meeting deadlines. Every action you take is to meet someone else’s standards or business vision in order to collect a paycheck, all the while feeling YOU have more to give, a bigger reason for being.

Its what I call living the Cubicle Life or the Quo Life because you're not the boss, good ‘ole Mr. Quo is your boss. I think of him as a very nice guy who provides you a Packaged Life for the priceless expense of your soul.

For many people, the fringe benefits of "comfort and stability" offered in the Cubicle Life package provide a perfectly satisfactory life. For others, living the Cubicle Life feels like a spiritual death, like each day has boiled down to a menial check list that feels like a series of giant milestones to get through each day: coffee, morning meeting, phone calls, meeting, lunch, water cooler chit chat, meetings, phone calls, crunching numbers, bureaucracy, punch out. Repeat.

Laced throughout these days, thoughts rise up from a deep place inside you (your soul) calling out to you with visions of WHO you could be, WHERE you could be...all these visions float around inside you ready to turn into a reality until your mind steps in and says, “but HOW?” This the state of being in the Quo Life when your soul and your mind are out of alignment. It feels like you are internally disconnected with you as the bystander in a wrestling match between your mind and soul.

When the Cubicle Life starts to feel like this, and everyone else around you seems content, don’t worry. When you don’t fit in anymore, it’s because it’s time for you to stand out. It's time for you to become a more authentic version of who you are meant to be during this life.

But HOW? It’s one step. It’s putting your foot on the spiritual path. This means you take a step out of your mind and into your heart. It means you stand up, no longer a bystander, and declare your soul the winner of the wrestling match.

Chances are the moment you step foot on the spiritual path, you look back over your shoulder and see that step you took was really a quantum leap over an invisible threshold that was 25, 30 years of living the status quo, a life of thinking your way along.

Our minds are not great leaders. Our minds are scattered, move in this direction, then that one, are easily distracted by others, loud, effected by whichever direction our emotions are going, extremely gullible, impressible and needy, so needy in fact, they often all out lie to us to fill their endless desires for pleasure. Our minds get us lost in its pursuit of short term pleasure.

The soul is a quiet leader, and always, always, always provides the guidance for your highest good. Making a choice to follow the voice of your soul is the step that puts you on the spiritual path towards your destiny. The voice of your soul is heard the loudest when you tell your mind to quiet down. This path is a path filled with mystery and that's why you often hear the word faith associated with your soul or the spiritual journey. It's a path that feels like forever asking your mind to quiet down and stop trying to make you so afraid. Each step, you choose your soul over your mind, knowing your mind is asking for instant pleasure and trying to convince you to choose short term pleasure with a myriad of fear tactics -- guilt, anger, anxiety, doubt, etc. All of these fear tactics of the mind are a call for you to strengthen your faith. It's a path of closing your eyes and knowing if you show up, if you keep walking, a door will open, a person will show up, an opportunity will arrive. Fear is simply an absence of faith, just like as Einstein said, "there is no such thing as darkness, only an absence of light." Fear is darkness, and faith is light. It's so easy for your mind to steam roll you because your soul is more graceful, more subtle, more tactful showing you life is unfolding for you in mysterious and creative ways.

There is never a reason to regret or look back on your years in the Quo Life. The Quo Life is creating for YOU the very circumstances that are showing you who YOU are. Mr. Quo is a wonderful asset to each of us, creating a perfect environment to birth a vision of your life overflowing with your passion, purpose, dreams and ambition. Why? Life is a process of elimination. You feel out Quo jobs and Quo relationships eliminating what doesn’t work over and over until you are so frustrated, so uncomfortable, so irritated, you exclaim, “I can’t live like this anymore!” And then your soul steps in and says, “I have been trying to get your attention!” And you are so exhausted, you finally listen and SEE your soul. Face to face with your soul, you might even glimpse how magnificent you are, how much greater your purpose on earth really is, and this is what is called waking up. Be grateful if you woke up. Some people NEVER do. Two things usually happen to people in this wake up moment: they shrink in fear, unable to accept the great light that is wanting to shine through them (suddenly the Quo life seems easier than being a light in the world) or you surrender and give permission to your soul to lead YOU instead of thinking (literally thinking) your way through life. It’s thinking that causes our feet to live in Quo Life. It’s knocking on the door of your heart that will help you step onto the spiritual path.

Once you’ve broken out of the Quo Life, and are standing in your authentic truth, you look back and recall chronic frustration intermixed with moments of relief in the form of vacation days. However, if it weren’t for the status quo, and all the jobs out there involving cubicles and looking at the clock, most of us wouldn’t have felt so drained of our passion, purpose, ambition and dreams to the point our soul gave up on gently releasing visions of a better YOU into your consciousness and decided to take a giant stand by throwing an all out temper tantrum screaming, "Wake up!"

Thank you Mr. Quo for helping us wake up!

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