You're More Creative Than You Think You Are

"Even the dream of making a living at your creative work, or simply reaching a professional level -- what those in the field call Pro-C (and the rest of us call Etsy) -- can be self-defeating. And unnecessary. Because it turns out that the creativity that enriches our life and confers all those feel-good benefits is something far humbler: everyday, or little-c creativity. Little-c is the school science project comparing frogs' responses to heavy metal music and show tunes. It's combining ingredients in a new way to surprise your dinner guests, or developing a new skills drill while coaching your kid's soccer team. Rather than a rare gift, it's more akin to kindness or compassion -- and innate human trait. It's something we're born with, and naturally draw upon, until something, somewhere, goes awry."

-- Excerpt from Peggy Orenstein's "The Creation Myth" in this month's O, the Oprah Magazine

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