9 Ways To Use Less Plastic (So It Doesn't Wind Up In The Ocean)

Written by Beth Terry

Environmentalist Beth Terry uses 98% less plastic than the average American. Here are some of her tried-and-true tips for cutting harmful single-use plastic products out of your routine. See how many you can put into practice today in celebration of World Oceans Day.

1. Buy from bulk bins whenever possible.

Rice, pasta, beans, seeds, nuts, oils, herbs, teas & coffees can all be bought in bulk (and stored in reusable bags).

2. Make snacks from scratch.

By making your own snacks, you’re cutting down on plastic packaging and monitoring what exactly you’re putting into your body.

3. Choose milk that comes in reusable glass bottles.

Some states even offer cash refunds if you bring your bottle back to the store once it's empty.

4. Say goodbye to frozen foods.

The frozen food aisle is chock-full of plastic. By giving it up, you (and the planet) will get a little healthier.

5. Choose cones over cartons.

When you’re craving a frozen treat like ice cream, go out for a cone instead of buying a huge plastic-lined carton. Cones are zero-waste and they’ll prevent you from over eating.

6. Keep reusable foodware at your office.

It’ll help you avoid disposable cutlery and encourage you to bring lunch from home (packed in a glass or sustainable steel container, of course).

7. Clean with water and vinegar.

Ditch packaged household cleaners in favor of this natural residue-reducer.

8. Check the labels of your personal care products.

Did you know that some personal care products contain traces of plastic? Gross. Cut out anything with “polyethylene” listed on the label.

9. Give up shampoos in plastic bottles.

Try a DIY option instead.

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