Kesha Opens Up About Eating Disorder, Meditation & Healing

You know Kesha as the pop princess with a "party don't stop" stage presence. But under all that glitter, she struggles with an eating disorder every day — something she recently discussed in Vogue.

She explained that with success came harsh criticism, which was impossible to ignore.

I wanted to be genuine. But I was sad and [I wasn’t eating] ... I called my mom one night and I told her, ‘I need help.’ I went to an eating-disorder specific rehab site where a nutritionist taught me that food is a positive thing for your body.

So how has her life changed since getting help?

Part of being healthy is being positive. I don’t pay attention to the Internet or bloggers. I surround myself with positive people. I run a few miles on the beach every day, and I got into Transcendental Meditation to try to find some peace in my crazy life. [It reminds me] to be grateful for where I am, for my body, and my face — as imperfect as any of it may be.

You can read the important interview here.

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