4 Essential Moves To Work Your Lower Body

Written by Lisa Fletcher

You're not alone in this war with cellulite — almost everyone has it somewhere on their body.

Unfortunately for us ladies, it's more common in women than men because of how fat is stored differently between the sexes. Unlike men, women store fat in large, vertical, honeycomb-like structures, which enhances the appearance of dimples on our skin. In men, it's stored diagonally.

So, now you know why cellulite is showing up on your body, but did you know you can reduce its appearance — naturally — through exercise? Combining strength training with high-intensity training sessions can improve the tone of muscle tissue, making your legs and hips look smoother.

Where should you start? Right here! This routine targets your lower body and all you need is a set of weights, a resistance band and few stairs. Get going!

Lower Body Workout To Blast Cellulite & Tone Up

1. Reverse lunge

Target: Glutes, quads

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms at your sides, holding light weights in each hand. Step your right foot back about four feet and in a controlled movement, bend both knees to 90 degrees so your left thigh and right shin are parallel to the ground. Hold for five seconds. Step your right foot forward to meet the left and return to standing.

Repeat 12-15 times, switching legs between.

2. Romanian dead lift

Target: Glutes, hamstrings

Stand with feet hip-width distance apart, hold light weights in each hand (palms facing body) and bend your knees slightly. Hinge forward slowly from your hips until your flat back is parallel to the floor. Make sure your glutes are the behind-est point on your body (and keep knees slightly bent).

Return to standing in a controlled movement, engaging your core to rise up. Repeat 8-10 times.

3. Standing calf raises

Target: Calves

Stand on a step with the heels of both feet hanging over the edge. Slowly lift up onto the balls of your feet and hold for one second. Then lower down until your heels are just below the step. Repeat 8-10 times. For an extra challenge, try it one leg at a time.

4. Resistance side step

Target: glutes, outer thighs

Tie a resistance band around your legs, just below your knees, and stand with feet wide enough to feel some tension in the band. Knees should be bent about 45 degrees. Move your right foot a few inches to the right (side step) and follow it with the left. Take 12-15 steps to the right, then repeat to the left.

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