10 Things You Can Do For Your Health Every Day, No Matter How Busy You Are

Written by Carla Birnberg

We all know we should eat better, exercise more, get better quality rest and so on. Tell us something we don’t know, right? But how do we achieve our healthy living goals when they’re so daunting? Who has the time, the willpower, the resources to do all that nutritious eating, muscle building, restful sleeping, and work-life balancing?

The answer is you. You have the power to make healthier living easy and exciting, just by adopting one simple mantra: “What you can when you can.” Even if you're busy, here are 10 things we know you can find time to do each day for your health.

1. “Deconvenience” your life.

Park far away from the grocery store entrance, carry a basket instead of pushing a cart, pretend the elevator is out of order so that you’re compelled to take the stairs!

2. Add in.

You don’t have to deprive yourself to make healthy choices a habit. Instead, add in! Add extra fruits or veggies to the meals you already planned on eating.

3. Laugh.

Binge on a funny TV show because laughter is healthy for us, and it’s a fantastic stress reliever.

4. Move when you can.

Do a two minute exercise during the commercials of that funny TV show. Whether you create a HIIT routine on the spot or drop and do some push-ups, it’ll definitely be more fun than watching the ads.

5. Play.

Instead of handing your kid a tablet or smartphone to keep them occupied, see if you can squeeze in a quick game of catch or a “race you to the mailbox!” sprint. No kid? Don’t hand yourself a screen either. Play is beneficial for big people too.

6. Stop MUSTerbating.

Instead of saying/believing that you must go to the gym every day and hating yourself for not meeting that goal, reframe your perfectionist language. Try: “I’d love to go to the gym every day, but sometimes life gets in the way.” Less pressure makes for a healthier mindset.

7. Microwave pushups!

Save yourself the radiation and see how many countertop pushups you can manage before your food is ready.

8. Try not to eat anything out of the bag or box.

Portion out your single serving before you dig in, and set yourself up for success.

9. Replace your office chair with an exercise ball.

Even if you’re busy and bogged down with work, you can still work your core muscles.

10. Share your progress!

Take photos of the steps you're taking toward living a healthier life and hashtag them: #HealthyLiving #MondayMotivation #Fitspiration. Let your online friends/Instafamily know how you’re doing!

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