3 Habits That Are Blocking You From Manifesting Money

Are you not making the money that you really want? And no, I'm not being unrealistic. There's a difference between your fantasy of having a mansion and a deep belief that you're not earning what you feel you're worth.

I found myself in that very same place a while back. What I didn’t know then was that the cause of my under-earning was not an external circumstance. I was stuck. I was limiting my income with my thoughts. Just as we all have the capacity to bring amazing things into our life, we also can internally block our own abundance.

For the most part, we do this through habits that are so ingrained in us that we don’t even notice them. So the key to empowering ourselves, and breaking these habits, begins with noticing.

When you become aware of your limiting beliefs, you can learn to challenge them, and tap into your potential. As a result, you learn toe recognize your ability to manifest money. This awareness was a key step in my journey of breaking six figures with my business.

Through my own process of recognizing, and changing, my limiting beliefs, and through my client-work, I've noticed three common habits that block people from manifesting abundance. When you become aware of them, and step out of them, manifesting money will no longer be a struggle.

1. You don't truly expect what you want.

When you don't have the abundance you'd like in your life, it's actually because you are not expecting it as a possibility. Clients become shocked when I tell them this. Most even deny it, and you might be having the same reaction as you read this.

Say you want to double your monthly income but deep down you don't expect it to happen because you don’t know how to do it. The moment you get tripped up by the how, you actually fall into not expecting a positive outcome so you mentally block yourself from your initial desire.

Let me put it this way: you can only receive what you can conceive. If you cannot conceive how you will double your income, then try this thought experiment. Meditate on how ready you are to expect, and receive, what you deserve. Really harness the power of visualization and fantasy: get your mind to the place where it believes something new. You can access this mental state even when you're not in the meditative state, simply by recalling how you feel.

2. You are not taking advantage of opportunities.

You ostensibly have a desire to make more money, but when an opportunity shows up for you to work toward your goal of making it happen, you fall into the habit of saying no. This usually happens because of fear, apprehension, anxiety and other emotional factors.

Maybe doubling your income requires for you to invest money, and you need to learn how to do that. Maybe it requires for you to travel so that you can take a course, some type of training, but you use the excuse of limited or the kids to not do it.

Get honest about what your excuses are and find ways around them. Start taking some opportunities even when you feel like you don't want to. When you don't do things that cause you to grow, nothing changes. And if nothing changes, you won't be able to manifest more money.

3. You are not in touch with your generous side.

You are not only frugal with yourself (due to your belief that you need to hold onto every penny), but also with others.

But often the choices we make about how and what we spend money on have more to do with our emotions and thoughts than any real logic. So look into how you are choosing to spend your money. Every time you decide to hold back and not give back, you are not thinking with an idea of abundance. Every time you choose not to spend because you don't think you are worth it, you are vibrating with lack.

Every time you hold back from sharing and being grateful for what you already have, you are thinking that there is not enough.

What you put out returns to you. So give and give abundantly, and that is what you'll manifest in return.

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