A 2-Minute Workout You Can Do While Killing Time (Video)

Do you ever get to the end of your day and you realize you didn't have time to exercise? You simply could not find that hour in your day to fit in a walk, jog or class.

But what if instead of thinking about fitness as something we have to do — something that needs a designated, prolonged period of time to complete — we think about it as something we can fit in here and there, in little fits and starts? There are so many parts of the day where you have a few minutes here or there to move your body. Whether it's on our couch, scrolling through social media or waiting for your kettle to boil, there's always time to sneak something in.

Take two minutes to try these arm, thigh and bottom-toning moves and you'll start to see results very quickly.

Photo courtesy of the author

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