8 Tools To Create Abundance In Your Life

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For years, I lived in extremes, working at a beauty magazine carrying home thousands of dollars worth of beauty products, but barely making my rent.

After four years, I walked away from that job to start my own business and live my true purpose. When we follow our passion, it doesn't mean it's a smooth road — it's actually a bumpy, adventurous road, and it's not for the faint of heart.

The universe brings us challenges and obstacles that we must overcome in order to get to the next level of our freedom and growth, so that we can live in happiness and abundance, which is our birthright.

Through my work as a spiritual mentor the past five years, and overcoming my own challenges and obstacles, I've discovered some simple and profound truths about how we create abundance in our lives. I'll share eight of them with you here.

1. Hold space for meditation each day.


Our energy will affect our external experience and what we magnetize to us. Meditation helps us to move from our mind to our heart — where our true power source is.

Tip: Sit for at least five minutes daily and cultivate the feeling of love. The energy of love is the energy of abundance.

2. Identify your fears.

Fear blocks us from what we want. It may look like many unconscious thoughts and beliefs that we've been conditioned to believe. Common fears and beliefs about money and abundance are that it's "bad," or even evil or corrupt; that it's hard to get; that we have to sacrifice ourselves for it; and that we can't get paid for doing what we love. These beliefs repel abundance.

Tip: Attention flows where attention goes. Train your mind to move from fear to peace by practicing awareness of your thoughts.

3. Know that your net worth equals your self-worth.

The world tells us that we're unworthy in so many different ways. When we believe we don't deserve what we desire, we block it. If we feel guilty for what we do have, we won't be able to retain it or receive more of what we want; these negative self-perceptions block the natural flow.

Tip: Recognize thoughts that feed a lack of self-worth and have the willingness to see things differently.

4. Focus on service.

Focus on "giving" rather than "getting." The more generous you are and the more value you add to the world, the more you will be compensated. The energy of giving and generosity is a powerful agent in creating a flow of abundance in our lives through ways that feel effortless because they come from our heart.

Tip: If you feel helpless, help someone. If you feel like you don't have enough, give to someone. Giving is receiving.

5. Let go of the old to bring in the new.

This means things, relationships, habits, fears, beliefs, even a job with the paycheck. Sometimes we have to take the leap to reap the rewards. Many times we hold onto false security in things, jobs and relationships, which limits our capacity to create what we want in the world. The energy within and around us dramatically shifts as we let go of that which is no longer contributing to our growth.

Tip: Check in with yourself. Notice what feels light and expansive in your life and what feels heavy and tense. What do you need to courageously walk away from or let go of?

6. Make forgiveness a central part of your well-being.

How we operate in one area of life will affect everything. We need to have a holistic approach when dealing with our finances and abundance. If we hold onto anger or resentment, grievances or grudges, we are blocking our energetic field. It’s best to clear toxic emotions and heal the past so we can move forward in the biggest way possible.

Tip: Begin with self-forgiveness for any past experiences you might be holding onto and judging yourself for. You'll unhook yourself from toxic emotions so that you can move forward in a healthy way.

7. Live your purpose.

Many times we don't actually know what we want or what our life purpose is. For so long we've been living for other people or cut off from our inner voice and what is true for us. When we begin to clear the fear blocks of not being good enough or feeling unworthy or undeserving, or whatever the fear is, we discover our life's purpose, our mission on the planet. As we clear the blocks to who we are, we can access our passions and do what we love. Our passion is our purpose.

Tip: What are you already naturally doing for free? Creative energy is abundance. It's tapping into what you already have, then bringing something out into the world, creating something from nothing. Let the pull from within guide you.

8. Remember that you don't need to be saved.

Many of us play the waiting game. We tell ourselves a story about how when the perfect partner comes in, they'll bring a lifestyle we want or will make everything OK. The things we use as crutches to save us are false security; our true security comes when we live in accordance with our soul.

Tip: Self-love is the baseline of happiness, health and abundance. We create more love and abundance in our lives from an internal space of love and abundance. Begin to tap your inner wellspring.

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