Jeb Bush Went On The Paleo Diet, Lost 30 Pounds & Looks Great

Written by Emi Boscamp

Ultimately, he hopes to win the presidency, but for now, he's losing ... a lot of weight.

To be exact, the front-runner for the GOP presidential candidacy has lost 30 pounds since December, reports The New York Times.

His secret? The Paleo diet — which means no grains, legumes, dairy, or anything processed, leaving him with a menu of meats, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts, and some oils.

A typical daily menu for Bush looks something like this: oatmeal and fruit for breakfast; roasted fish atop a salad with oranges and fennel for lunch; Mexican meatballs in a tomato sauce for dinner; fruit sorbet for dessert.

But, besides the fact that he's "always hungry," he says, the biggest downside is that it's very difficult to break bread with the locals of the cities he visits. Literally. He can't eat bread.

So while slimming down may be good for his image and health, turning down local fare isn't exactly a celebrated quality in a potential president.

The Times details his struggle:

During a meeting with veterans in Colorado Springs a few days ago, a thick stack of pancakes was placed in front of Mr. Bush at an IHOP, along with a second platter of eggs, bacon and hash browns. The veterans dug in. Mr. Bush left his breakfast untouched, to the disappointment of the restaurant’s staff.

Bush has been very vocal about his weight issues — having tried a slew of diets — so it's great that he's finally found one that works for him, aside from the whole, you know, starving thing.

But hey, at least he looks good. Hopefully, he feels good, too. (Of course, after he gets over the initial crankiness.) Who knows? Maybe his svelter figure will help get him to the finish line ahead of the other candidates.

Screengrab via The Washington Post/posttv

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